Monday, July 15, 2013


Monday 15 July 2013

twinArmageddon (can fit in the palm of your hand) [TA] joined chat.
DreadfulWaters [Aquara] joined chat.
Aquara: ~~~ hi
TA: *wave2*
Aquara: ~~~ your adorible
Aquara: ~~~ hehehe
TA: thank2
TA: *blu2he2 a biit*
Aquara: ~~~ how did you get so tiny?
TA: *2hrug2*
Aquara: ~~~ i could build somefin to make you a normal sized troll if ya want
TA: oh fuckiing ye2
TA: plea2e
Aquara: ~~~ okay. *sets him on a nearby desk* this should be easy
TA: *2miile2*
Aquara: ~~~ all i have todo is rewire this size gun*smiles back*
Aquara: ~~~ *rewires* all it does is shrink
Aquara: ~~~ and know it grows
Aquara: ~~~ ready?
TA: *nod2*
Aquara: ~~~ *zaps him with the gun**stops at his normal size*
Aquara: ~~~ all better!
TA: *ga2p2*
TA: *run2 and hug2*
TA: oh fuck thank you
Aquara: ~~~ *hugs back* your welcome!
Aquara: ~~~ My name is Aquara. You?
TA: 2ollux
Aquara: ~~~ nice to meet you Sollux!
TA: 2ame to you
Aquara: ~~~ So how are you?
TA: Much better
TA: thank2 to you
TA: *2miile2*
Aquara: ~~~ *blushes**smiles back* good to hear...
TA: How about you
Aquara: ~~~ Im doing well. Thanks for asking. *smiles*
TA: No problem
Aquara: ~~~ So...
Aquara: ~~~ How has your session been?
TA: my 2e22iion?
TA: what do you mean?
Aquara: ~~~ Are you in sGrub?
TA: *nod2*
Aquara: ~~~ How is your game going?
TA: Oh, iit'2 been cool
Aquara: ~~~ good.
Aquara: ~~~ it can get really dangerous
TA: true
Aquara: ~~~ hope you guys stay safe
TA: iindeed, 2ame to you
Aquara: ~~~ thanks
Aquara: ~~~ kinda already went to shit though
TA: oh
TA: 2orry
Aquara: ~~~ its fine
TA: *feel2 awkward*
Aquara: ~~~ thanks for your concern*smiles*
TA: *2miile2 back*
Aquara: ~~~ So... what kinda stuff do you like?
TA: computer2
Aquara: ~~~ cool!
TA: what about you
TA: *pu2he2 up gla22e2*
Aquara: ~~~ Im into anime, music, drawing... nerdy stuff really
TA: cool
Aquara: ~~~ Kinda stupid
TA: no iit'2 not
Aquara: ~~~ ...*blushes* thanks...
TA: *2miile2*
Aquara: ~~~ I like your glasses, there really awesome
Aquara: ~~~ *they're
TA: thank2
Aquara: ~~~ *smiles*
TA: *2miile2*
Aquara: ~~~ So how long have you been into computers?
TA: ... a2 long a2 II can remember
TA: II u2ually fiix them for the other2
Aquara: ~~~ awesome. they must really appreciate it.
TA: ii kiinda feel liike they take advantage
TA: they ju2t a22ume ii'll alway2 2ay ye2
Aquara: ~~~ oh that sucks. you should never take advantage of someone when they do nice things for you. :(
Aquara: ~~~ its really rude
TA: *nod2*
Aquara: ~~~ perhaps you should tell them to fix it themselves once in a while
TA: that'2 the problem
TA: none of them know how
TA: and they refu2e to learn
Aquara: ~~~ Well thats dumb.
Aquara: ~~~ Id strike.
TA: you're telliing me
Aquara: ~~~ perhaps they shouldn't have broken it in the first place
TA: they don't even realiiziing they're breakiing iit untiil iit'2 too late
Aquara: ~~~ idiots
Aquara: ~~~ ive never had a problem with my laptop
TA: then you're 2mart
TA: maybe you 2hould giive them le22on2
Aquara: ~~~ how do they usually break them anyway?
TA: they get viiru2e2, theiir hard driive2 get an error
TA: ii wonder 2ometiime2 how the fuck they even manage to do that
TA: wiithout even fuckiing realiiziing iit'2 bad to theiir laptop
Aquara: ~~~ probably clicking the "100000 visitor! you get a prize" ads
TA: yeah, probably
Aquara: ~~~ or just being ignorant
Aquara: ~~~ Gamzee*cough*
TA: yeah, 2eriiou2ly
Aquara: ~~~ whale some people take good deeds for granted.
Aquara: ~~~ I would never treat you that way
TA: *2miile2, thank2*
Aquara: ~~~ *smiles back* your welcome
Aquara: ~~~ *hugs*
TA: hmm.. Gamzee... II worry 2ometiim- *ii2 2urprii2ed by hug* *hug2*
Aquara: ~~~ Oh sorry i suprised you...
Aquara: ~~~ *blushes*
TA: iit'2 fiine
Aquara: ~~~ you wer saying...
TA: oh
TA: ii worry about Gamzee 2ometiime2.... even hii2 2ylladex bother2 me
Aquara: ~~~ really? i always thought he was just kinda dumb but what kinda stuff does he do?
TA: He'2... a clown...
TA: He honk2
TA: and ju2t act2 weiird
Aquara: ~~~ maybe hes on sopor...
TA: ..II thiink he'2 ALWAY2 on 2opor
Aquara: ~~~ he seemes like the type. doesn't he know it rots your think pan?
TA: ii don't thiink he know2 anythiing about iit
Aquara: ~~~ wouldn't suprise me...
Aquara: ~~~ well i always sea tavros at his house taking care of him, so he should be okay
TA: hmmm
TA: ii wonder iif Nepeta know2 about thii2
Aquara: ~~~ tavs a good guy
Aquara: ~~~ but i do dothink she does
Aquara: ~~~ she ships GamTav Pretty hard
Aquara: ~~~ Calls it PB&J
Aquara: ~~~ pretty damn cute
TA: *2miile2* 2he'2 alway2 been playful wiith her 2hiippiing
Aquara: ~~~ Haha she has
Aquara: ~~~ She shipped Equius and Eridan at some point
TA: ..:II
TA: that'2 weiird
Aquara: ~~~ ikr...
Aquara: ~~~ better than Fef And karkat
TA: defiinately
Aquara: ~~~ lol
Aquara: ~~~ *giggles*
TA: *2miile2*
Aquara: ~~~ You're a really cool dude Sollux.*smiles*
TA: you're cool too
Aquara: ~~~ *kisses cheek*
TA: *blu2he2*
Aquara: ~~~ Heh... Sorry...
TA: no... iit wa2... niice
Aquara: ~~~ *blushes like crazy*
TA: *al2o blu2he2 liike crazy*
Aquara: ~~~ *kisses lips lightly*
TA: *ii2 extremely 2urprii2ed, then hii2 liip2 2often, kii22iing her a2 well*
Aquara: ~~~ *wraps arms around neck*
TA: *wrap2 arm2 around her, blu2hiing liike crazy*
Aquara: ~~~ *breaks the kiss for air* S-sollux...
TA: *break2 away for aiir a2 well* Ye2 Aquara
Aquara: ~~~ I think I'm red for you...
TA: *eye2 wiiden, blu2hiing* II thiink II do too.. for you
Aquara: ~~~ *kisses*
TA: *kii22e2 a2 well*
Aquara: ~~~ *pulls away* *huggs him*
TA: *hug2*
Aquara: ~~~ I love you Sollux.
TA: II love you too
Aquara: ~~~ So...*awkward*
TA: Ummm...
Aquara: ~~~ *hugs again*
TA: *hug2 a2 well*

Juicy gossip

Monday 15 July 2013

DreadfulWaters [Aquara] joined chat.
Meenah [MEENAH] joined chat.
Aquara: ~~~ hi!
MEENAH: um hey?38\
Aquara: ~~~ how are you?
MEENAH: fine i guess?
MEENAH: have i seen you before kid?
Aquara: ~~~ Nope.
MEENAH: so you a troll or somefin?
Aquara: ~~~ Durr... i have horns don't I?
Aquara: ~~~ l*laughs*
MEENAH: ...thats cool !!
Aquara: ~~~ is that sarcasm?
MEENAH: i ain't even shore if it myself
MEENAH: meeh...i like your horns tho?
Aquara: ~~~ huh. Whale im Aquara. You?
Aquara: ~~~ and thanks
Aquara: ~~~ (theyre the shape of the three tilds)
MEENAH: Meenah
MEENAH: meenah peixes
Aquara: ~~~ Oh Whale my last name is Hydran. But nice to meet you.
MEENAH: so you a seadweller?
Aquara: ~~~ i like your horns too. and yes i am
MEENAH: cull i guess 38)
MEENAH: haven't seen any interestin seadwellers in a while
Aquara: ~~~ I haven't seen anyfin in a while
Aquara: ~~~ :)
MEENAH: whale you gotta be careful out there kiddo
MEENAH: there's a bunch of these seadwellers ya gotta look out for
Aquara: ~~~ too late im already dead
MEENAH: 'specially the ampora's-
MEENAH: sorry bout that?
Aquara: ~~~ ive met the Amporas
Aquara: ~~~ they are nice but sorta annoying as all fuck
MEENAH: ain't nice at all! whale...
MEENAH: i guess that eridan kids pretty okay
MEENAH: when he's not whinnin bout his relationship
MEENAH: and dualscar is a manly guy
MEENAH: but cro? ain't no fuckin way is that kid nice
Aquara: ~~~ cronus is a flirt, but he wasnt mean to me or anyfin
Aquara: ~~~ boy thought he was gonna get some tho
MEENAH: cod he's disgustin
Aquara: ~~~ hes good at music
Aquara: ~~~ except for less.pale more pail bluh
Aquara: ~~~ that was gross
MEENAH: you actually listened to his music?
MEENAH: ugh no man
MEENAH: that wrong
Aquara: ~~~ a bit yeah.
Aquara: ~~~ mostly because im into music.
Aquara: ~~~ it was a bit tacky though
MEENAH: heheheheh
Aquara: ~~~ what?
MEENAH: its pretty obvious it would be
Aquara: ~~~ whale boy writes for guitar.
Aquara: ~~~ too fucking country to be that good
MEENAH: man i wish i could do music
MEENAH: it just ain't my kind of thing y'know?
Aquara: ~~~ yeah i hear ya
MEENAH: can't play nofin
Aquara: ~~~ took me years to learn how to play drums and sing, so its no biggie
Aquara: ~~~ no one haz the time
MEENAH: i get ya man
MEENAH: with all this shit an' all
Aquara: ~~~ except cro
Aquara: ~~~ hes forever alone
MEENAH: 'specially with me bein on the moon
MEENAH: cod it was borin there
MEENAH: eheheheh that explain why he's into music and shit
Aquara: ~~~ really? shitty. my lusus kept me locked up
Aquara: ~~~ she was a bitch
Aquara: ~~~ a shark-bitch
Aquara: ~~~ hiding from the condescension?
MEENAH: man that condense was so cool 38)
Aquara: ~~~ Really?
MEENAH: whale yeah! to me~
MEENAH: her bein my ancestor an all
Aquara: ~~~ she was nice, but her and my ancestor... didnt agree on some things...
MEENAH: don't worry, i get that shit a lot when i talk about the condense
MEENAH: no one reely agrees with her a lot
Aquara: ~~~ yeah. but you seem pretty cool!
MEENAH: 'specially landdwellers and lowbloods
MEENAH: )(A)(A reely?
MEENAH: thanks i guess!
Aquara: ~~~ yeah! a lot of the dancestorsare! me and mituna painted boobs on kankris sweaters!
Aquara: ~~~ hehehe it wasso funny!
MEENAH: T-E-E)(-E-E bet he looked pissed!
Aquara: ~~~ yeah. bitch deserves it
Aquara: ~~~ poor kar!
MEENAH: you don't like kankri?
Aquara: ~~~ fuck no.
MEENAH: hehe~ why's that tho?
Aquara: ~~~ he was mean to my dancestor and hes a douche to me when i didnt do nofin. whale now i did...
Aquara: ~~~ i was like, damn kankri you got bigger tits than i do!
MEENAH: whale he is kinda a douchefin when he talks aboat all those TRIGG-ERS
MEENAH: ehhehehe
Aquara: ~~~ he said me and Krista's boobs being large was triggering lol
MEENAH: whose krista 38?
Aquara: ~~~ my dancestor. she wasnt in your session.
Aquara: ~~~ probably havent met her because shes scared of everyfin
MEENAH: darn that sucks
MEENAH: she gotta go see the world yo!
MEENAH: y;know what i'm sayin?
Aquara: ~~~ its pretty sad, yea
Aquara: ~~~ she's seer of dark, so she sees everyone's deaths and shit and it freaks her out.
MEENAH: man that is a pretty cool thing tho
Aquara: ~~~ yeah.
Aquara: ~~~ shitty though
Aquara: ~~~ she watched some guy burn to death and shit
MEENAH: augh....darn that shit is SCARY!
Aquara: ~~~ yeah.
Aquara: ~~~ What is your title?
MEENAH: thief of life 38)
MEENAH: goddamit i love this name!
Aquara: ~~~ sounds like you steal lives
Aquara: ~~~ cool!
MEENAH: i know!
MEENAH: you got a title?
Aquara: ~~~ which of darkness. pretty fucking awesome
MEENAH: yeah! it does sound pretty fuckin awesome!
Aquara: ~~~ i control shadows
MEENAH: woah, thats ...
MEENAH: cool!
Aquara: ~~~ thanks
MEENAH: so you flushed for anyone?
Aquara: ~~~ umm... kinda embarafin, but Tavros...
Aquara: ~~~ *facepalm*
MEENAH: mean rufioh's dancestor?
Aquara: ~~~ yeah...
MEENAH: umm i guess he's okay?
MEENAH: i kinda like the vantas kid tho
Aquara: ~~~ hes sorta cool... when hes not screaming at the top of his lungs
MEENAH: ain't that tavros kid flushed for that beachy serket chick?
Aquara: ~~~ He told me its complicated...
Aquara: ~~~ itll probably happen
Aquara: ~~~ him and her anyways
MEENAH: whale its okay
Aquara: ~~~ i like cro too but hes too much of a tool
MEENAH: ugggh cro
MEENAH: why him tho??
Aquara: ~~~ weve got alot in common. Same sign too
MEENAH: he know that you're into him?
Aquara: ~~~ no.
MEENAH: i still advice against it tho
Aquara: ~~~ hes a tool
MEENAH: the guy's desperate enough to hook up with anyone
Aquara: ~~~ true
Aquara: ~~~ hed date kankri if he could
Aquara: ~~~ :/
MEENAH: he's date anyone if he could 38(
MEENAH: he even tried hittin on mituna once!
Aquara: ~~~ lol
MEENAH: that ain't cool yo, he got a girlfrond and shit
Aquara: ~~~ what a douche
Aquara: ~~~ mituna said we should paint his shirts next
MEENAH: lets not talk aboat that douchfin no more 38)
MEENAH: and yeah
Aquara: ~~~ wanna join
MEENAH: heheh yeah!
Aquara: ~~~ but yeah lets stop
Aquara: ~~~ he is ruining this convo with his douche
MEENAH: how aboat a kismesis? anyone ya hate like?
Aquara: ~~~ erg... i
Aquara: ~~~ dunno if i wanna say it
MEENAH: c'mon!
MEENAH: i wanna know!!
Aquara: ~~~ probably Kankri or Dave Srider
MEENAH: dave? sunglasses kid?
MEENAH: what did that kid do to piss ya off?
Aquara: ~~~ I just fucking hate Kankri so goddamn much, and yeah
Aquara: ~~~ i hate dave cause hes so well liked
MEENAH: he's so well liked?
MEENAH: )(-E)(-E
MEENAH: sounds like a weird reason to hate a person
Aquara: ~~~ he walks like a prick, talks like a prick, and acts lkke a prick
Aquara: ~~~ what a prick
Aquara: ~~~ like hes so badass
MEENAH: you reely hate pricks huh?
Aquara: ~~~ yeah. :P
Aquara: ~~~ Who is your kismises?
MEENAH: no one reely
MEENAH: tho damara used to be my arch enemy?
Aquara: ~~~ Damara is really rude
Aquara: ~~~ She told me to go stick a tree up my ass
MEENAH: i don't know what she's talkin aboat for one
MEENAH: oh...
Aquara: ~~~ you dont wanna know half the shit she says
MEENAH: i'll take your advice on that then
Aquara: ~~~ please do
Aquara: ~~~ so who is your moirail?
MEENAH: morail....aranea i guess? we're best fronds after all
Aquara: ~~~ oh cool
MEENAH: how aboat you?
Aquara: ~~~ You won't know him; his name is Lupine Knight
Aquara: ~~~ Knight of Darkness
MEENAH: yep, iono him
MEENAH: at all??
Aquara: ~~~ Hes like, double dead thanks to that shit lord english
Aquara: ~~~ :'(
MEENAH: its 'kay dude
MEENAH: shore you'll see hi one day
Aquara: ~~~ probably
Aquara: ~~~ ima krill english when i get the chance
MEENAH: hell yeah!
MEENAH: we should totally team up!
Aquara: ~~~ Shore thang!
Aquara: ~~~ Bitch wont know what hit him!
MEENAH: this is gettin me all excited!
Aquara: ~~~ >:)
Aquara: ~~~ me too!
MEENAH: wish people would actually try to help us with this tho
Aquara: ~~~ people are lazy self centered.shits
Aquara: ~~~ meaning of life right there
MEENAH: exactly!
MEENAH: i think you're cool kid
MEENAH: we gonna get a long well
Aquara: ~~~ Your pretty cool yourself!
MEENAH: )(-E)(-E thanks!
Aquara: ~~~ no prob
Aquara: ~~~ *fistbump*
MEENAH: DARN, you think we can beat that english ass?
MEENAH: *fishbump*
Aquara: ~~~ Definitely. That fuck face is really stupid for a king
MEENAH: you're right
MEENAH: ain't right for rullin
Aquara: ~~~ id be like"your hair is bleeding" and hed freak out
MEENAH: -E)(-E)(-E)(-E)(
Aquara: ~~~ he aint even got hair
MEENAH: i know!


Monday 15 July 2013

naked!arsenicCatnip [AC] joined chat.
FelicianoVargas [Italy] joined chat.
Italy: ciao!
AC: :33 < uh
Italy: are you italian?
AC: :33 < s-soery
AC: :33 < alternian
Italy: in my country it is normal
AC: :33 < nice curl sir
Italy: to be publicly naked
AC: :33 < really? heh i didnt know that
Italy: thank you!
AC: :33 < h33h33 youre welcome :33
Italy: i run around naked all the time
AC: :33 < you do?
Italy: by the way, your really pretty! ve~
Italy: yep
Italy: *goofy grin*
AC: :33 < *she blushes brightly* t-thanks
Italy: no problem! :D. im Feliciano. your name?
AC: :33 < nepeta
AC: :33 < nice name sir
Italy: Thanks. Yours is really pretty!
naked!arsenicCatnip's connection timed out. Please don't quit straight away; they could be back.
naked!arsenicCatnip [AC] joined chat.
AC: :33 < thanks
Italy: So how are you?
AC: :33 < not so good
Italy: what happened?D:
AC: :33 < someone stole my clothes while i was in the shower
Italy: O-O. That sucks. It was probably France, so you wont be getting them back.
Italy: Hes a perv.
AC: :33 < really?
AC: :33 < fiddlesticks! *she stomps the ground with her foot and crosses her arms*
Italy: Yeah. Hes kind of a dick.
AC: :33 < i dont like him
Italy: Watch out he might try to rape you!Neither do I*concerned face*
AC: :33 < w-what?! thats horrible!
Italy: Yeah it is.
Italy: and hes my brother too.
AC: :33 < oh he is?
Italy: yeah -_-
Italy: Such a douche.
Italy: He does stick up for me though
AC: :33 < he does?
Italy: Yes he keeps away bullies.
Italy: :P
AC: :33 < well at least he has a good side
Italy: Yeah I guess so.
Italy: vee~*gives her his jacket*
Italy: you look uncomfertable being naked
AC: :33 < thanks! *she takes it and puts it on*
Italy: It fits well!
Italy: :D
AC: :33 < it does *she looks down at herself and does a few turns*
Italy: Ve~ I just realized you look like a Kitty-Cat!
AC: :33 < h33h33h33 is it my tail?
Italy: And your ears! *scratches behind horns thinking they are ears*
AC: :33 < *she giggles and flickers her tail*
AC: :33 < those arent ears silly
AC: :33 < those are my horns
Italy: Ve?
Italy: I didn't know you had horns!
Italy: That's so cool!
AC: :33 < thanks h33h33
Italy: Does it feel nice when i scratch behind them?
AC: :33 < yeah it does
Italy: Okay!*scratches behind them*
Italy: :D
AC: :33 < *she smiles and purrs softly*
Italy: Cool you can purr too!*continues* Just like a real kitty!
AC: :33 < h33h33 thanks *she snuggles close to him and continues purring*
Italy: *pets her*
AC: :33 < *she closes her eyes and purrs louder*
Italy: :D This is so cool.
AC: :33 < ...huh?
Italy: Petting you just like a cat when your not! Its not every day you can do this to a person
Italy: I wish Germany would let me do this!
AC: :33 < h33h33 youre right
Italy: Hes like a big teddy bear!
AC: :33 < he sounds so cute
AC: :33 < i wish people would pet me once in a while
Italy: He is, but only when no one is around. Maybe your friends would if you asked!
Italy: *continues petting*
AC: :33 < nah theyre too busy acting cool and stuff
Italy: Aww...
AC: :33 < i know... :((
Italy: Id have Japan pet me but he is strictly no touching... :(
AC: :33 < really?
AC: :33 < but hes missing out on so msny things
AC: :33 < what about hugs?
Italy: eh. its his culture i guess. I hugged him once and he freaked out... XD
AC: :33 < h33h33h33 that sounds kind of adorable
Italy: lol it was!
Italy: he was so embarrassed!
AC: :33 < i wonder how he would react with kisses...that would be purretty funny huh
Italy: hehehe i should try it!
Italy: Ve~
Italy: i bet a kiss on the cheek would turn him red as cinnamon candy!
AC: :33 < *she laughs* im sure it would
Italy: What about some of your friends?
AC: :33 < they would think im crazy
Italy: No i mean what are they like?
AC: :33 < oh
AC: :33 < theyre really cool
AC: :33 < some have amazing pawers
Italy: like what? :D
AC: :33 < like mind control and psionics
AC: :33 < others, like my meowrail, are incredibly strong
Italy: Mind control is scary! Ve~ America is very strong too! Whats a meowrail?
AC: :33 < its like a really good furriend
Italy: Oh... Like Germany!
AC: :33 < we take care of each other
Italy: Only I like germany more then that i think...
AC: :33 < you do?
Italy: Yeah...
AC: :33 < how so?
Italy: well we kiss eachothers cheeks alot and we've said we love eachothers more than once...
AC: :33 < so you f33l red fur germany?
Italy: What does that mean?
AC: :33 < it kind of translates to human romance
AC: :33 < do you like germany,
Italy: oh... yeah i guess. But im scared to tell him...
AC: :33 < i know that f33ling...
Italy: Oh really?
Italy: You can tell me
Italy: :)
AC: :33 < i f33l really red towards one of my furriends
Italy: Aww... Im sure he likes you to!
AC: :33 < i dont know...he avoids me all the time...
Italy: well eventually he will see fur himself what an awesome purrson you are! :D
Italy: like my puns?
AC: :33 < h33h33h33 you think so?
AC: :33 < i do :33
Italy: Definitely!
AC: :33 < thanks *she hugs him*
Italy: *huggs back*
AC: :33 < im sure germany likes you back
Italy: Thanks... I hope he does...
AC: :33 < how will you tell him?
Italy: I think I'll write him a letter... Or get him to lean down and give him an on-the-lips kiss
AC: :33 < that sounds k
Italy: k?
AC: :33 < *like a good plan
Italy: oh! Thanks!
Italy: I hope thinks go well with your crush
AC: :33 < i hope so too
Italy: :)
AC: :33 < if i did that to karkitty he would purrobably furreak out
Italy: Really? But your so awesome id think hed like it! He sounds kinda mean!
AC: :33 < hes a bit...grumpy all the time
AC: :33 < but d33p down hes really nice
Italy: maybe he sounds like doitsu(my nickname for germany)
AC: :33 < he does? what a coincidence
Italy: only doitsu is just really strict...
AC: :33 < he is?
Italy: Yeah
AC: :33 < let me guess he wants to lead always and have things his way
Italy: it's weird though, he does, but hes also my exact opposite. hes strict, im carefree, i like cats, he likes dogs...ect.
AC: :33 < hmmm...some say opposites attract
Italy: yeah. all the more reason your crush will feel the same some day!
AC: :33 < i think he likes someone else..
Italy: who?
Italy: :(
AC: :33 < one of my best furriends
Italy: aww... sometime you have to be happy that they're happy
AC: :33 < their situation is complicated but i know theres something betw33n them
AC: :33 < i know
Italy: :( thats sad...
AC: :33 < im trying to be as mature as pawsible and accept it wont happeb betw33n us
Italy: but that has to be hard
AC: :33 < because i want terezi to be happy
Italy: im sorry...
AC: :33 < she deserves it
AC: :33 < its ok...ill survive
Italy: thats a good mentality to have *pats back*
Italy: <:)
AC: :33 < thanks :33
Italy: does your moirail know? maybe he can help out?
AC: :33 < he...doesnt like the idea of me going fur a "lowb100d"
Italy: lowblood?
Italy: ???
AC: :33 < you s33
AC: :33 < my species has a hemospectrum
Italy: wait so you have diffrent blood colours?
AC: :33 < those with...uh...warm blood colors are considered lowbloods
AC: :33 < yes
Italy: In my species we only have candy red...
AC: :33 < those with cold blood colors are high bloods
AC: :33 < i know
Italy: What color is yours?
AC: :33 < olive gr33n
AC: :33 < im a middle class
Italy: woah cool!
AC: :33 < its nice
Italy: What colour is your crushes?
AC: :33 < he likes to k33p it a secret
Italy: oh...
AC: :33 < but i know it is candy red
AC: :33 < like yours
Italy: woah! and your moirail?
AC: :33 < royal blue
AC: :33 < hes purretty high in the hemospectru.
AC: :33 < *hemosprctrum
Italy: royalty im guessing
AC: :33 < almost
AC: :33 < he is high but not high enough
Italy: oh okay
AC: :33 < violets and fuschias are royalty
Italy: well he should help you anyway, hes supposed to be there for you!
AC: :33 < i know
AC: :33 < he is too stubborn
AC: :33 < i know he cares he just doesnt like showing it
Italy: Tell him to quit being a weiner. *trys an angry face but cant*
AC: :33 < *she giggles at his face* i will
Italy: *laughs*
Italy: good
AC: :33 < i have to go now
Italy: bye bye *hugs*
AC: :33 < good luck with germany :33
AC: :33 < *she hugs back*
naked!arsenicCatnip [AC] disconnected.
Italy: good luck with yours too!
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